Dr. Ashok Pokharel

Dr. Ashok Kumar Pokharel is an Atmospheric Physicist/Forensic Meteorologist. Dr. Pokharel has been working on various forensic meteorology  projects around the world as well as on the Airbus Perlan Mission II project. He worked as Atmospheric Scientist at Weather Extreme Ltd., Nevada, USA, as Research Scientist at Desert Research Institute (DRI), Reno, Nevada, USA, and as Faculty at Physics Department at University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), USA. His field of expertise are dynamical meteorology, forensic meteorology, mesoscale weather forecasting, mesoscale numerical weather modelling, mesoscale convective storms, climate dynamics, severe dust storms, terrain- induced windstorms, gravity waves, frontogenesis, Jet streak dynamics, satellite meteorology, climate change, air pollution, dust climatology, and biogeochemical cycles. He also serves as an academic editor and reviewers of several international journals and has received an appreciation of excellence for his reviews. As an invitee he has delivered several talks on severe wind storms in different international forums time to time. Dr. Pokharel has conducted high quality research and published them in several high quality international journals. He is the recipient of the Outstanding International Graduate Student Award of University of Nevada, Reno, USA for 2012 and 2015 AD.