Dr. Mina Adhikari

Dr. Adhikari; an expert in DRR with more than fifteen years of experience in disaster risk reduction ,
climate change, natural resource management and gender. Her recent experience includes resilience
promotion for disaster risk reduction. She received her PhD degree in Disaster Emergency
Management in 2018 from Massey University, New Zealand. At present, she is working consultant in
the capacity of Research Coordinator at Nepal Water Conservation Foundation for Academic
Research, Nepal. She is partly involved in Joint Center for Disaster Research, Massey University and
Central Department of Environmental Studies, Tribhuvan University as a visiting scholar for teaching
post-disaster response and recovery; and international frameworks for DRR (e.g. Sendai Framework
for DRR, Sustainable Development Goals) for Master’s Students. Her research interests include
disaster preparedness, post-disaster recovery, resilience, water and food security and gender. She
has published research articles, book chapters and a book. Her recent work includes ‘‘Measuring
disaster resilience: A Review of frameworks applied in developed and developing countries’’.
During her career, Dr. Adhikari has received the Norad Fellowship Award (2006), New Zealand
Development Aid Award (2015), Massey University Foundation Award (2017) and Adaptation Future
2020 Award (2020).