Ms. Jwala Panday

Academic Background:

Masters of Natural Resource Management (Specialization in Forestry for Sustainable Development), International Institute for Geo- information Science and Earth Observation the Netherlands, Enschede

Masters of Sociology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Areas of development activities and Agencies involved Years (duration) of involvement, specific areas of professional experience and technical expertise.  I have experiences working with communities, NGOs/INGOs and UN agencies particularly with UNDP Nepal and UNDP Africa, Regional Hub UNDP and done several consultancy services.  I have more than 18 year’s experiences particularly on Disaster Risk Management and Humanitarian sector across the regions. I have been involved in Institutional and legislative systems, mainstreaming DRR into development plans, early warning system, disaster preparedness and response plan, Koshi early recovery program and climate change adaptation. I have worked in all sectors in relation with DRM.

Professional Experience (Preferably related to the IFRC Assignment):

  • Education: Master’s Degree in Natural Resource Management focussing on Disaster Risk Management and Sociology (Focussing on Gender and Development).
  • Active member of Women Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Reduction Platform (WHDRRP) which is unique loose network to bring together of women and humanitarian actors of Nepal through women leadership which focuses the work on social protection, humanitarian cash programming in approval with Government, Disaster risk reduction and social protection activities. (In recent floods of Nepal we as a member of Humanitarian platform voluntarily collection the cash and those cash were distributed to the flood/landslide affected districts. All our work was with govt and based on their rules we provided cash for the safe motherhood).
  • Strong experiences in disaster risk reduction in Nepal and have experiences working with Government, local communities and local stakeholders since last 15 years from the rural to urban risk reduction measures. Moreover, have experiences working with women, children, persons with disability and volunteers in several projects and program.
  • Recently, I conducted the TOT Training on DRM and its localization in Province 5 and Sudurpachim Province (For eg, recently I conducted the training inviting all seniors Govt staff from province 5 and Sudurpachim province in support of IOM).
  • Solid experience of working for Disaster Preparedness and Response and humanitarian organization in Management especially focusing on GESI.
  • Experience working with all tires of Government from local, province and federal level. Apart from this worked with academic institutions, training intuitions and private sectors.
  • Rich experience in coordinating/networking specifically with district and national governmental bodies/ agencies and international and civil society organisations.
  • Worked with Nepal Red Cross in partnership with all district red cross chapters to implement the flood mitigation in 17 communities of the 9 flood prone Terai districts under the Quick Impact for Peace Support Initiatives (QIPSI).
  • Experience in data collection, providing training to enumerators, monitoring and supervising in the field, Data analysis and reporting.

Current professional involvement- Adjunct Faculty at ACE International Business School and consultant with Nepal Water Conservation Foundation