Water Scarcity in Agriculture

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Regional office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok Thailand has initiated Water Scarcity Program (WSP) with the vision that country capacities to use latest tools and technologies are enhanced and magnified via a regional collaborative platform that allows countries to discuss, share and learn from one another. The overall objective of the WSP is to bring agricultural water use to within the limits of sustainability and prepare the sector for a productive future with less water. For this, it aims to assess the scope if water scarcity; evaluate management options, improve water governance, implement programs of adaptive management, and use advanced tools and knowledge to inform response. Major activities under the WSP include: (i) policy analysis study, (ii) High level regional forums and platforms, and (iii) capacity building of governments. For this, the FOARAP has selected countries of Asia for the water scarcity program to undertake deep assessment of national governance arrangement in place to manage water scarcity and Nepal is also one of the first countries to participate in this assessment. 

Under the program, NWCF started the national policy assessment on water scarcity in Nepal in November 2019 especially for agriculture uses in the context of growing demands of the sectors other than agriculture in collaboration with the FAORAP.



The main objective of the program is to support Nepal to bring agricultural water use to within the limits of sustainability and prepare the sector for a productive future with less water by assessing national water management capacities and policy effectiveness that contributes to increase and improve provision of goods and services from agriculture, forestry and fisheries in a sustainable manner. 

Major activities under program are to: coordinate at the national level for policy scoping mission from FAO/RAP to Nepal; organize national policy roundtable and dialogues of stakeholders; conduct survey of national policy makers on Nepal water management practices and respectively key areas of water policy; prepare water scarcity management country profile and contribute in preparing Water Scarcity Regional Synthesis Report.

This program was completed in December, 2020.


Water Scarcity Policy Assessment for Nepal: Policy Roundtable (January 14, 2020)
FAORAP-NWCF field observation visit to Belghari, Ramechhap (January 15, 2020)
Training on water saving tools (January 16, 2020)
58th Pani Satsang on Policies and Tools to Counter Water Scarcity in Nepal, Kathmandu (January 17, 2020)